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Sump Pump Installs

Sump Pump Installation Duluth, MN

American Sewer & Drain Services of Duluth, MN installs sump pump systems that prevent basement flooding and keep your basement dry. We have been installing dependable sump pumps and backup battery systems throughout the twin ports area for many years. Our water pump systems are the single most effective method of preventing basement water Damage -- and preventing the long-term structural and environmental damages caused by a wet basement.
Our Sump Pump / Battery Backup Systems Provide:

Our basement sump and pump battery backup systems are affordable, redundant systems that provide strong protection against a flooded basement. This is especially important since many homeowner insurance policies do not cover basement flooding.

Water Alarms

Basic water alarms only do one thing; alert you when water is present. They're loud enough to hear on the second floor of your home. These are fantastic tools if you're home to hear them, but are useless otherwise.

More advanced water alarms go one step further - in the event it detects water, the alarm will call you. You just program the phone number(s) you want the device to call, and you'll be alerted of water in your basement.

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